Saturday 31 December 2011

Winter moonlight illuminating an ice crystal

Winter moonlight
Gently illuminating
A solitary ice crystal

Bighorn sheep- unsafe to cross

Bighorn sheep herd -
Ram gesturing
Not to cross

Waiting to cross the Fraser River

Waiting for freeze-up
To cross the Fraser River
And get back home

Water in the high Chilcotin

The high Chilcotin -
Water seen only by
Hawks and goats

When we vanish Gaia will quickly recover

When we vanish
Gaia will quickly recoup
Her original beauty

Telling the eagle where to fish?

Is the Dean River
Telling the eagle
Where to fish?

Beauty from ashes

Beauty from ashes
To commemorate
A long life

Wings of the phoenix from burned forest ashes

Golden wings
Of the mythical phoenix
From ashes of burned forest

Beauty from renewal sealed in the shadows

Beauty from renewal
Rejuvenation and rebirth
Sealed in the shadows

Friday 30 December 2011

Winter red cherries

Spring buds
Summer flowers
Winter red cherries

Winter moon bouncing off snow

Full winter moon
Bouncing off snow
Under the mountain ash

Northern Flicker feasting on berries

A winter love affair –
Northern Flicker feasting on
Sea Buckthorn berries

Swishing of air over wings

Quiet summer afternoon -
Swishing and whooshing
Of air over wings

Enough light for black cats

Four billion year sun -
Enough illumination
To soothe black cats

Hawk over Hunlen Falls

Suddenly into the light -
A Red-tailed Hawk
Ascending and soaring

Only goats have seen this canyon - until now

Until now
Only goats
Have seen this canyon

Nature's water colors painted by wind

Nature’s water colors
Painted and pushed
By afternoon wind

When the ice goes away so do we

Is it true that when
The ice goes away
So do we?

Imagine our world with no snow and ice

Imagine our world
With no snow and ice
And unable to breathe

Thursday 29 December 2011

Monday 26 December 2011

Silence only in winter

Silence to be delivered
Only in the brief days
Of deepest winter

Aztec Sun Stone announcing winter solstice

Aztec Sun Stone
Announcing winter solstice
To the burned forest

Dark night in the burned forest

Dead dark night
In the burned forest-
But then the moon

Moonlight shimmering off burned bark

 Winter moonlight
Shimmering off
Burned bark

The photographed observing the photographer

The photographed
Curiously observing
The photographer

Summer's evening loon's fishing

Summer’s evening
Loon’s fishing
Moon’s beaming

Is that the moon wailing?

Is that the moon
Wailing sadly
Into the black night?

Fraser River flowing through the winter moon

Fraser River flowing
Through the ripples
Of the winter moon

Fraser River following the moon

Fraser River
Following the moon
To the sea

Too fat to fly?

Basking in winter sun
Full of berries
Too fat to fly?

Churn Creek feeding the Fraser River beauty

Churn Creek-
Feeding the Fraser River
Rhythms of rhyming beauty

Sunday 25 December 2011