Wednesday 30 November 2011

Bright lanterns glowing

Bright lanterns glowing
Attracting squirrels and finches
For early winter supper

When the crows robbed the robin nest

Does the aspen recall
When the crows
Robbed the robin nest?

All over the face of Gaia

For the ten thousandth time
All over the face of Gaia
Crafting next seasons flowers

Winter beauty just holding on

Winter beauty clinging
To branches and buds
But when the winter wind?

What does the eagle covet in winter?

In deep dark winter
Does the eagle covet an atoll
Covered in green?

Place known only by caribou and mountain goat

Only the caribou
And the mountain goat
Can know this place

From the brood of Goldfinches?

From the brood of Goldfinches
Hatched in my Saskatoon’s
Only last spring?

Bright beautiful berries

Bright beautiful berries
Soon to be enjoyed
By a pair of Northern Flickers

Do you feel winter cheer?

Do you feel winter cheer
Sent from the beautiful bundle
Of tiny red onions?

Welcome to winter!

Welcome to winter!
Ice and snow and cold
With sun and love and cheer

Beauty ready to go

Beauty ready to go
Can be delivered by birds
But most likely by wind

Tuesday 29 November 2011

Why are the black seeds hidden by winter?

Are the black seeds veiled
So I more clearly see
The beauty of the petals?

Will the snow nest protect the flower?

Will the delicate snow nest
Nurture this beauty
From the ravages of winter?

Beautified feather plume flower leaf

Was it autumn frosts that
Beautified the leaves of the
Feather plume flower?

Bronze Autumn Sedums eaten by deer

Bronze Autumn Sedums
Frozen flowers taken
By the soft mouths of deer

Food for the squirrel?

The known unknown:
Food for the squirrel
Or next spring’s seedling?

Beauty for the winter spider

Why does the spider
Spend a bright winter day
Cocooned in this beauty?

Who is smoking salmon?

On a grassland bench
Above the Fraser River
Who is smoking salmon?

But have the Waxwings seen the deer tracks?

Everlasting beauty?
But have the Waxwings
Seen the deer tracks?

Goldfinches will eat the Paper Birch seeds first

Will only be eaten
When the Goldfinches
Finish the Birch seeds?

Was it the Cedar Waxwing who left the last berry?

Was it the Cedar Waxwing
Who was gracious enough
To leave the last berry?

Is that the sound of a cicada chorus?

Brilliant winter day
Surrounded by snow and ice
Is that the sound of a cicada chorus?

Monday 28 November 2011

Saturday 26 November 2011

Leaf within a leaf

A leaf within a leaf
But what is shadow
And what is real? 

Clawing in the snow

After a summer of blowing in the breeze
A long dark winter
Spent clawing in the snow 

Globe Thisle in winter

Summer’s perfect blue globe
Is even more beautiful
After the ravages of winter

Black-eyed Susan - beauty frozen in the wind

Last summer’s Black-eyed Susan
Transformed by the cold
Its beauty frozen in the wind

Wild Blue Flax leaf beauty

Wild Blue Flax leaf
Hidden beauty revealed
By ice and cold of winter

Paper Birch Seeds ripening in the winter cold

Ripening in the winter cold
Waiting patiently for the arrival
Of hungry Goldfinches

Maple fall foliage

Fall foliage of the maple
Refusing to succumb to
The ravages of winter

Embraced by pine needles

Oh to be lucky enough
To spend the winter
Embraced by pine needles

The beauty of sunflower petals in winter

The pleasure and comfort
From viewing sunflower petals
In deep frozen winter

Swan all alone on the ice

Swan alone on the ice
Caught in the north wind
Why do I feel so sad?

Shadow of a dinning Chickadee

Is that the shadow
of a dinning Chickadee
On the Paper Birch leaf?

Symmetry or fractal?

Symmetry or fractal?
But what matters to the Waxwing
Is the ripeness of the berries

Plate of seeds awaiting mouse tracks

A plate of seeds
Waiting in bright sunlight
For mouse tracks in the morning

Branches of the tree engraved

The branches of the tree
Seem to be engraved
On the veins of the leaf

Frozen sunflower beauty

What is more beautiful
Than the wrinkled orange pedals
Of winter sunflowers?

The fine art of flying

The leaf frozen in snow
Has learned from the swan
The fine art of flying

Paths of the ancient silk road

Do I see the paths
Of the ancient silk road
Revealed in the frozen flax leaf?

Two peas in a pod

Are two leaves on the snow
As content and secure
As two peas in the pod?