Tuesday 31 January 2012

Seeds available for take out

Mid-winter blooms
Ripe and ready seeds
Available for take out

Winter flower stunning in sun

Winter feather flower
More stunning
In mid-winter sun

Without touching a single twig

Winging through
Without touching
A single twig

Winter Cariboo sunrise

Winter Cariboo sunrise
Light from lanterns
Beauty all around

A pleasure to view but not touch!

Symphonic symmetry-
A pleasure to view
But not to touch!

Looking at mid-winter flowers

Take some time
To look into the faces
Of mid-winter flowers

World with no ice

What will the
World be like
With no ice?

The world's oceans are too warm

Please help us
The world’s oceans
Are too warm

Saturday 28 January 2012

Cow jumped over the moon!

Frigid winter night
Bright full moon
Anything is possible?

We really dislike cats!

Pesky cats slinking
In both front yards
Of open garbage cans

The Madrona faces

Your shadow
Must never touch
The Madrona faces

Water horse feeding on zooplankton

Chilko Lake water horse
Snorting and swimming
Feeding on zooplankton

Madrona red duck

Madrona red duck
Flying fast and north
To British Columbia?

What surprises in Madrona tree bark?

Madrona tree bark
Full of surprises
What do you see?

Returning two hundred years of sunlight

Ancient Douglas Fir
Returning two hundred
Years of sunlight

Sounds of ice seals?

Gail winds striking
Raining slips of ice
Sounds of seals?

Year of the dragon

Year of the dragon-
Power, energy, prosperity
Lots of good luck!

Friday 27 January 2012

Fleeing fast cars

Stops feeding
For fleeing
Fast cars

Nearly spring?

Worms in the grass
Buds on the trees
Nearly spring?

Crayola art

Crayola art
Six year old artist-
Sunrise at my house

Frightened of her shadow

Young gull-
Frightened of
Her shadow

Winter yearning

Winter yearning-
Simply for their
Telling fragrance

Shredding birch bark skin

Scraps and slips
Of birch bark skin
Shredding and stripping

Once he was the only fisherman in Elliott Bay

Recalling when only
He and the Duwamish
Fished in Elliott Bay

Cherry blossoms already

First afternoon sun
After ice snow and
North wind blow

Pounded by waves

Pounded by waves
Lastly pushed ashore
To lie in sand and snow

Thursday 26 January 2012

Fall leaves floating in bright sunlight

Fall leaves floating
In bright sunlight
At Monet’s Giverny

Winter storm dancers

Winter storm dancers
Every one dressed up
Waiting to boogie

Ancient cave painting

Ancient cave painting
Made long before
The horse arrived

Not a friendly face!

Not a friendly face
For your visitors
From Canada

Visiting Seattle!

Visiting Seattle
From the Chilcotin
No passport required!

Winter with no snow

Winter with no snow-
The Fraser River
Runs muddy

The beauty of the ancient sage!

Grasslands ancient sage-
Stately timeless beauty
But oh the fragrance!

Brought from the shadows by winter sun

Above the Fraser River
Brought from shadows
By winter sun

Grasslands inferno

Grasslands inferno-
Rising from the ruins
Rebirth and renewal