Friday 30 March 2012

Seasoned beauty

Seasoned beauty-
Coming out of
Snow and ice

Snow sage

Snow sage-
Seized by wind
Scorched by sun

Imaging wood flowing like water

Imagine threads of
Wood flowing
Like water

Chilcotin Morning

Chilcotin morning-
Hearing the wind
Seeing the dust

The path less traveled by?

The narrow path
Through the wood
Less traveled by?

Lichen blanket comfort

Lichen blanket-
Warm and cozy
Soothing comfort

Free spirit of the Chilcotin

Can you find
The free spirit
Of the Chilcotin?

Chilcotin grasslands- where not to sit for lunch!

Chilcotin grasslands-
Where not to sit
For lunch!

Wednesday 28 March 2012

Can a crow soar like an eagle?

Can a crow
Soar like
An eagle?

Peaking out from a winter frozen in ice

Peaking out
From a winter
Frozen in ice

Patterns emerging from snow and ice

Repeating patterns of
Self similarity emerging
From snow and ice

Lichen bear waking up

Lichen bear
Emerges from
Winter hibernation

My friends all call me big bird!

My friends
All call me
Big bird!

What do you see?

Stare intensely into
An ancient aspen-
What do you see?

Catch me if you can!

Chase crow-
Catch me if
You can!

Photosynthesis creating green growth?

How does photosynthesis
Create this beautiful
Green growth?

Tuesday 27 March 2012

Most handsome man to visit the feeder?

Most handsome
Man to visit
Mikee’s feeder?

We love Mikee's place!

We love Mikee’s-
Wonderful food
No cats or dogs

Aspen sap looking like summer honey

Aspen sap
Looking like
Summer honey

Spring geranium beauty

Spring geranium
Beauty and

Unaffected from wintering in ice

Lichen and moss-
Unaffected from
Wintering in ice

Escaping winter ice still beautiful

Ostrich fern
Escaping ice
Still beautiful

Can you sense the warmth of spring sun?

Can you sense
The gentle warmth
Of spring sun?

Imagine soft

Imagine soft-
Then touch
A lamb’s ear