Saturday 25 February 2012

Stopped from seeking home

The only way
For him to stop
Seeking home

Can you find 100 faces?

Don’t stop looking
Until you have seen
One hundred faces

Thoughts when drinking clean water in Vancouver?

Thoughts when drinking
Sparkling clean water
In Vancouver?

Want to visit?

Want to visit?
But who can show
You the way?

Between me and my warm house!

In the snowstorm
What stands between me
And my warm house?

How to brighten up a winter day

Best way to
Brighten up
A winter day?

What do you see?

Breathe deeply
What do you see?

I miss you!

I miss you
But I know
Where you are!

Thursday 23 February 2012

Could use pollinators!

Hazel sisters-
Could use

A choir singing in the garden?

A choir
In the garden?

Delights from a winter walk

Small delights
From a winter

Why leave the city?

Why leave the city
And return to
The Chilcotin?

Don't tread on me

On me

What do you see?

Stare deeply-
Tell yourself
What you see

What to imagine when stressed out

What to imagine
When stressed out
Living in the city

Imagine a world without moonlight?

Imagine a world
Without the shine
Of winter moonlight?

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Walking to feast on green grass

Visualize him walking
Down steep walls
For green grass

Following your intuition pays off!

Sometimes it pays
To follow your

A word to the wise is sufficient

A word to
The wise
Is sufficient

Snake finding beauty

Snake slithering-
Seeking insects
Finding beauty

Petroglyphs on ancient glaciers

Petroglyphs exposed
On melting faces
Of ancient glaciers

Stop and stare

Stop, stare
Breathe in
Breathe out

Sunlight and moonlight are always alike

Where sunlight
And moonlight
Are always alike 

Six months ago in sunny summer?

Beneath the snow
Six months ago
In sunny summer?

Tuesday 21 February 2012

Limbs waving in winter wind

Old and lazy
Limbs wave
In winter wind

Stay put and enjoy!

Can’t walk around
Can’t walk through
Stay put and enjoy!

Where spiders thrive

Do we fear
Dark cool places
Where spiders thrive?

Tree fairies hiding

Tree fairies-
Hiding from
City people

The rock and willow need each other

Grants shelter and
Sanctuary from
Winter winds

Discovered in the city?

Could this beauty
Be discovered
In the city?

In need of a winter pollinator

What if no bees
Visit this winter

Safe to eat?

Deep in the forest
Totally famished
Safe to eat?